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Perfect day

The sun warms my face
Green grass touches my arms
A blue sky far above me
A perfect day it is

A boy from heaven
Laying next to me
In the grass
A prefect moment it is

Our hands together
Little smiles on our face
No word is spoken
A perfect touch it is

Watching the sunset
His arms around me
Surrounded by beautiful colors
A perfect sunset it is

Stars high in the sky
Darkness al everywhere
He will bring me home
A perfect walk it is

Soft kisses on the lips
A long hug
Waving and saying bye
A perfect goodbye it is

Thinking of the great day
With the love between us
I hope for tomorrow
Just a perfect day it was

Achtergrond: Zwitserland, Nendaz, in de buurt van Lac de Cleuson (2010)