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My best friend

I called you up
in the middle of the night
You're so busy
And tomorrow
is such a important day for you
But you picked up the phone

The friend you are
is so gentle and expensive
Nothing is good enough
in your place

All I was doing was crying
and talking about nothing
You just listen and listen
in the end you've the answer
Such a friendly voice
even when you will be broken tomorrow

The friend you are
is the mirror-me that I'm watching
So perfect in being here
for your friends

Telling me not to worry
there will be a new day
Fear won't stay forever
friends like us do
Before your important exams
you'll come to say hi

The friend you are
is unforgetable and indispensable
You may call me too
no matter what or when

Hugging and telling me
you'll be back after your exams
You will hold my hands
and chase my fears away
Always you will help
so will I

The friend you are
is the one who will stay
No matter what
we'll be together, my best friend

Achtergrond: Zwitserland, Nendaz, in de buurt van Lac de Cleuson (2010)