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Just sitting

Sitting on a rooftop
Watching the busy street
Thinking of nothing
Just watching

So many people
walking, running, standing still
Thinking of all things
Just living

My mind stays empty
No thought is comming in
No need for one though
Just sitting

Watching the clouds
White, grey, black
The sun left, rain will come
Just changing

No need to leave
Want to feel the raindrops
Cold en gentle on my skin
Just feeling

Would stay here forever
Sitting, watching, doing nothing
In this world of hastiness
Just staying

Duties, work, school
No time to sit and watch
To much things to do
Just busy

Tomorrow same time, same roof
Watching the busy street
Thinking of nothing
Just sitting

Achtergrond: Zwitserland, Nendaz, in de buurt van Lac de Cleuson (2010)