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He took our lifes

When I woke up
He was standing in the doorway
His face was wet
He looked scared
'We must go'

I followed him to the car
He was moving fast
He pushed me in the car
Himself jumped in
'We must hurry'

The car moved fast
The trafficlights, he ignored
He ignored everything
I don't no where we went to
'I did something bad'

Should I stare to him or to the road?
Should I ask him for the answer?
But he already started to talk
Soft and fast
'Mistakes it were, made by me'

He showed me a gun
I wanted to grab it out of his hands
But he didn't let me
He kept it close to him
'Two bullets left, my dear'

I looked so scared to him
What did he do?
And what was he up to?
We were with two
'It won't hurt that much'

He stopped the car on an empty road
My mind was flipping
He took the gun, lined it up to my face
I wanted to scream
'I will be soon with you again'

The next day the police found two bodies
Shot by a gun with two bullets
No one knows what happend
No one cares, they're dead
'Damn kids, these days'

Achtergrond: Zwitserland, Nendaz, in de buurt van Lac de Cleuson (2010)